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A custom branding & website experience
steeped in style, luxury, strategy & 'a-ha!' moments.

The Fast Track To Success For The  Creator Ready To Build Their Empires! 

Introducing: WEBSITE IN A DAY!

"Jade's "90 Day Takeover" package included the entire website build, custom photography AND a meticulously crafted social media strategy!

For anyone looking for website, branding or social media help: We went for Jade's "90 Day Takeover" package. It included the entire website build, custom photography AND a meticulously crafted social media strategy that has helped us really connect with our audience! 

Meg & Krissie at Jade Therapies & Wellness Club

Jade is incredibly knowledgeable in her field, as a skilled website designer and social media guru. I am someone who is not at all tech-y, and she helped me put together the vision I had for my brand. Patient and easy to work with, organized and able to explain every step as needed. My website is beautiful and I feel prepared to face the world, proud of the brand we built together. I highly recommend reaching out - whether you’re starting from scratch, or ready for a total revamp!

"Jade is incredibly knowledgable in her field"

Allie at Goddess Gatherings

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Welcome to a fresh dawn, a renewed you, a vibrant future. You're set to enhance your journey from the familiar to the extraordinary, from the everyday to the exceptional, and elevate your earnings from steady to stellar. The next step? A bespoke, luxury branding and website experience that captures the essence of your growth and readiness for more.

This is where your transformation begins.
Ready to create something extraordinary?
Let's Craft Your Masterpiece.

You've evolved beyond your current brand and website. That's an achievement to celebrate.

It's time for a fresh start.

Tailored for the fierce female entrepreneur ready to ascend in the digital domain, I combine the creative flair of web design with the precision of a Strategic Social Media Director. Understanding that a website is more than a digital card; it's the pulsing core of your brand's online existence. My expertise ensures that your site is not just visually stunning but also a marketing powerhouse, engineered to perform. Leveraging in-depth social media strategies, I craft web experiences that captivate your audience, nurture leads, and elevate your business to unparalleled heights. Together, let's weave marketing prowess into every pixel of your web presence.

I'll Be Your Web Design Bestie!

The Business in Bloom Plan: $3000


What it includes:

A five-page web suite . Homepage, About section, Services/Offers page, Contact information, and Sales page for detailed storytelling.

Access a suite of copy frameworks, ready-to-use checklists, and optimized communication channels.

Complete branding toolkit with mood board,  cohesive color schemes, bespoke typography, and a distinctive wordmark logo.

The Empire Builder Plan: $6500

Choose an original  website layout that reflects your unique brand identity.

What it includes:

Customizable social media graphic templates, cover images for podcasts, and more, all in line with your brand aesthetic.

Benefit from our crafted templates, preemptive planning checklists, and smooth communication workflows.

Over 10 pages including the Brand Evolution set plus multiple Sales pages, an e-Commerce section for products or services, and a dedicated space for podcasts or blogs, among others.

 Craft your brand's essence with a full brand board, a diverse color palette, select custom typefaces, and two iterations of your logo.

Walkthrough support & education for maintaining your site all on your own!

Walkthrough support & education for maintaining your site all on your own!

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A business kingdom that draws in your ideal clientele radiating undeniable 'need-to-collaborate' vibes.

A website that's as welcoming as your favorite retreat, as inspiring as a getaway, and as luxurious as an exclusive boutique.

A public image that captures attention, a digital presence that boosts your revenue, and an unforgettable impact that keeps your calendar full.

A tailored experience crafted just for you that sends shivers down your spine and serves your unique essence in every nuanced detail.

A brand that lifts you up, fuels your spirit, and ignites your passion, outshining even the brightest star.

A dream website in just one day

Why you need this:

Am I ready for This?

Got a business that's booming? Check. A bold spirit ready to level up? Absolutely. You're all set, gorgeous! The Wealthy Woman Website Workshop is the dream zone for spiritual female entrepreneurs who are scaling up their creative online empire. It's for the visionary lady who dances to the beat of both financial and spiritual freedom, armed with an unstoppable mindset for growth. Get ready to launch into a brand new realm where your online presence captures the essence of your evolution with total ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

What If I Fall Head Over Heels but Want to Tweak Things Later?

Training videos are available via Showit, which means any changes your heart desires are just a few clicks away, whether you're a tech whiz or a newbie. Showit's slick, user-friendly setup, and drag-and-drop simplicity means it's a breeze to personalize. Believe me when I say, Showit and I are a match made in website heaven – and you're about to find out why I'm such a fan.

Which Path Should I Take?

In a nutshell: The Business in Bloom is for the ambitious soul just starting out, ready to plant roots and blossom. You're done with the basics and prepping for serious growth. Ready to skip the DIY drama? My one-day Business in Bloom Experience will fast-track your brand and have you saying, "Who's the new IT girl?" in less than 24 hours.

If your brand and business are solid but your branding feels a bit all over the place, the Empire Builder is calling your name. It's not just about getting noticed—it's about making a statement. You're not just here to be seen; you're here to captivate and command attention. Ready to become a name on everyone's lips? This top-tier, all-inclusive experience is designed for the woman who's all about making a monumental impact.

Dare to stand out. Be audacious. Surpass, outpace, and excel. 

This is the brand & design journey you've been yearning for as a creative spirit.

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Jade Malone | Strategic Social Media Content Director