Don't let your brand's potential fade into the background.

Still playing the guessing game with your social media strategy?

the 90 day takeover

Let’s make it happen, together.

...maybe you’re already paying in more than just dollars—spending your precious time, energy, and peace of mind trying to piece together a social media presence that should be seamless but feels more like a puzzle with missing pieces.

If this resonates with you, breathe easy—you've found your game changer.

90 days to redefine, rejuvenate, and relaunch your business’s online identity. A stress-free transformation without the chaotic back-and-forth or the steep learning curve.

Ready for growth without the growing pains?

But what if you could spark meaningful growth for your business without the daunting hassle and complexity of navigating the digital maze alone?

Watching other businesses skyrocket online while yours is just not getting there? 

It's A Challenge, Isn't It?


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What Will You Gain? 

Surging Traffic: Witness a significant uptick in visitors as we hone your digital pathways, leading crowds right to your virtual doorstep.

Elevated Engagement: See your audience interaction soar with content that resonates, entertains, and converts.

Increased Revenue: Watch as more customers, subscribers and members flock to your offerings, compelled by the magnetic pull of your optimized digital presence.

A Breeze of Fun: Discover the joy in a social media strategy that isn't just effective, but also brings excitement and a smile to your daily business routine.

Simplified Sustainability: Embrace a system so intuitive and straightforward, it feels like second nature to keep your momentum post-takeover.


Your 90-Day Transformation: 

Professionally Designed Logo & Branding
Stunning Professional Photos

An Optimized Website Revamp
Tailored Social Media Strategy
90 Days of Social Media Management & Reporting
SEO Boost
Sales funnel & Email Marketing Set Up
Comprehensive Training

What Will You Receive?

"Jade's "90 Day Takeover" package included the entire website build, custom photography AND a meticulously crafted social media strategy!

For anyone looking for website, branding or social media help: We went for Jade's "90 Day Takeover" package. It included the entire website build, custom photography AND a meticulously crafted social media strategy that has helped us really connect with our audience!"

Meg & Krissie at Jade Therapies & Wellness Club

Imagine the weight lifted when your digital presence is finally cohesive, magnetic, and most importantly—effortless to maintain. This is not just a service; it's the dawn of a newfound digital autonomy. Feel the surge of confidence as you master an online strategy that's both fun and functionally secure and un-mess-withable!

With my 90-day takeover, you're not just getting a temporary boost; you're stepping into a new era for your business. One where digital engagement is no longer a chore but a part of your daily joy. We streamline and simplify, so when our time is up, you’re not just flying—you’re soaring on autopilot.

Ease, Confidence, and Continuity

Ready to Embrace Digital Simplicity?

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but. . . is This Right for You?

is this takeover really the missing piece of my business puzzle?

You might be wondering:

Here’s the heart of it: Your business is unique, and your online strategy should be too. That’s why the 90-day transformation is anything but generic. It’s a personalized digital couture, stitching together your brand's ethos, aesthetic, and voice into a seamless online persona that fits you perfectly.

our 90 day blueprint:

Phase 1 - Discovery: Unveiling Your Digital Essence

We start by dissecting your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), pinpointing your ideal audience, and refining your offerings. It's a collaborative deep-dive where we:

Develop an in-depth understanding of your business DNA.

Conduct vibrant photoshoots that showcase the soul of your brand.

Assemble all the strategic pieces to set the stage for your digital debut.

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Phase 2 - Implementation: Bringing Your Vision to Life

Launch your sleek, user-friendly website designed to make every visitor a potential convert.

Roll out a social media strategy that turns your channels into a hive of activity and engagement.

Harness the power of data, analyzing feedback and metrics to make informed, agile decisions.

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Phase 3 - Maintenance: Handing Over the Reins

Equip you with the knowledge and tools to maintain your new digital momentum with ease.

Provide comprehensive education on your customized strategy, ensuring you feel confident and in control.
Transition manageme

Transition management back to you, so you’re poised to continue on your successful trajectory, supported but autonomous.

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Here's where the magic happens:

Empowerment is key:

Your Investment:

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Your investment for the 90-day digital transformation ranges from $10,000 to $15,000, reflecting the bespoke nature of our service and the depth of value provided.

Initial Consultation: Before anything else, we map out your needs to determine the precise investment within our range.

20% Deposit: To secure your slot, given the exclusive nature of the service, a 20% deposit is required.

Payment Structure: The remaining investment is spread across the 90 days, allowing for manageable payments as we progress.

Here’s how it breaks down:



Premium Transformation


payment plans available

This includes a complete social media strategy overhaul, professional photography, and an optimized website revamp, plus the essential training to maintain your presence.

Core Transformation

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Email Marketing Setup & Implementation

Plus these amazing bonuses!

Elite Transformation

Transparent Pricing: Your Investment

Lead Magnet Creation

For the ultimate in digital strategy, this tier offers extended photography sessions, advanced analytics, and custom content creation, setting the stage for a truly standout online identity.


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Building on the Core, this level includes the additional features of enhanced SEO services, 90 Days of strategy implementation, and extended post-takeover support.



* Pricing is approximate as each takeover is customized according to the clients needs. Detailed quotes are provided.

A business kingdom that draws in your ideal clientele radiating undeniable 'need-to-collaborate' vibes.

A website that's as welcoming as your favorite retreat, as inspiring as a getaway, and as luxurious as an exclusive boutique.

A public image that captures attention, a digital presence that boosts your revenue, and an unforgettable impact that keeps your calendar full.

A tailored experience crafted just for you that sends shivers down your spine and serves your unique essence in every nuanced detail.

A brand that lifts you up, fuels your spirit, and ignites your passion, outshining your competition.

The 90-Day Promise:

Why you need this:

Am I ready for This?

Got a business that's booming? Check. A bold spirit ready to level up? Absolutely. You're all set, gorgeous! The Wealthy Woman Website Workshop is the dream zone for spiritual female entrepreneurs who are scaling up their creative online empire. It's for the visionary lady who dances to the beat of both financial and spiritual freedom, armed with an unstoppable mindset for growth. Get ready to launch into a brand new realm where your online presence captures the essence of your evolution with total ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

What If I Fall Head Over Heels but Want to Tweak Things Later?

Training videos are available via Showit, which means any changes your heart desires are just a few clicks away, whether you're a tech whiz or a newbie. Showit's slick, user-friendly setup, and drag-and-drop simplicity means it's a breeze to personalize. Believe me when I say, Showit and I are a match made in website heaven – and you're about to find out why I'm such a fan.

Which Path Should I Take?

In a nutshell: The Business in Bloom is for the ambitious soul just starting out, ready to plant roots and blossom. You're done with the basics and prepping for serious growth. Ready to skip the DIY drama? My one-day Business in Bloom Experience will fast-track your brand and have you saying, "Who's the new IT girl?" in less than 24 hours.

If your brand and business are solid but your branding feels a bit all over the place, the Empire Builder is calling your name. It's not just about getting noticed—it's about making a statement. You're not just here to be seen; you're here to captivate and command attention. Ready to become a name on everyone's lips? This top-tier, all-inclusive experience is designed for the woman who's all about making a monumental impact.

Dare to stand out. Be audacious. Surpass, outpace, and excel. 

This is the brand & design journey you've been yearning for as a creative spirit.

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Jade Malone | Strategic Social Media Content Director