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Now I spend my time working with REAL agencies, digging up the best strategies and empowering other creators to earn from fan pages, too!


Something had to change or else I was going to crash. I had left my marriage, been assaulted, and became homeless all within a short, overwhelming 18 months. I was absolutely drowning in trauma, and was facing the reality that if I couldn't keep a roof over my children's heads, then I would have to leave them behind while I moved in with my parents over 3000KM away, or worse: my children could be taken away from me due to my inability to support them financially. 
My decision to start Fan Page Content was truly not one I wanted to make. I was absolutely terrified... but when I realized the opportunity that was right under my nose, I realized that nobody's opinion of me was worth more than my relationship with my children. I spent six months researching, planning and preparing to launch my fan page, and made nearly $10,000 my first month! My experience in branding, social media marketing and photography proved invaluable! 

For years I hustled with heart. I was burnt out, exhausted and ready to quit my business.

My True Life Story

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