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jade malone

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Hi there!  It's me,  Jade!

I'm a digital alchemist here to transform your online space into a realm of empowerment and success! I got my start in professional photography over a decade ago, and have been designing websites since I was a teenager. After two years as a social media content creator with countless viral moments, I started helping businesses enhance their web presence, and became a Google Certified Marketing & E-Commerce specialist!

I bring a touch of personality and visual magic to elevate your business' entire digital presence. With a well developed strategy and a sprinkle of alchemy, we'll craft a website and web entire presence that resonates deeply with your target audience, connects authentically, and propels you forward!



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Watching other businesses skyrocket online while yours is just not getting there? It's a challenge, is't it?

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You've evolved past your current web website. It's absolutely time for a fresh start.

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need photos done for your business?

Here's the secret to making content perform on your social media: you need high quality images of YOU, your services, your products and sometimes even your customers! I specialize in helping you create content that will transform your social media presence and position you as the expert in your field. With over 12 years experience as a professional photographer, you can rest easy knowing you're in good hands! 

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"So I’m sitting here crying happy tears over all this work you’ve done. . ." 

I am fully aware this is your job and I’ve hired you to help me with this. But I am so blown away by what you’ve done and so so so appreciative of it. I am also absolutely terrified of this crazy step forward for my business but there’s no way at this point I could be like “nevermind! I don’t want to do this” after seeing how awesome this is. - Tiffany Adams Realtor

""The results from our 90 Day Takeover was shocking to see!"

"Have to say... Jade started doing Redo's Pizza social media work for me and I just have to back her up and share how she has completely changed Redo's social media! The results from out 90 Day takeover was shocking to se! She was able to elevate the Redo's online presence, capture professional images of all our menu items, AND built us a fantastic website! She has been fantastic and reliable to work with. For any businesses who need support with online marketing, Jade is the expert you need! Highly recommend!" - Fahad Achkar, Redo's Pizza 

"Our memberships have officially quadrupled!"

"For anyone looking for social media help: We went for Jade's "90 Day Takeover" package. It included the entire website build, custom photography AND a meticulously crafted social media strategy that has helped us really connect with our audience! 
Jade coached us through a sustainable approach to growing our social media audience, as well as helped us understand the importance of our engagement metrics. 
We trusted Jade because she's got hands-on experience as a social media personality herself. She's empowering other businesses by elevating their online presence with a well developed strategy, AND... our memberships have officially quadrupled!" - Krissie & Meaghan, Jade Therapies & Yarmouth Yoga

"Thanks to Jade's dedication to our social media component, the company has experienced impressive growth."

A few days ago, Jade's 90-day takeover ended, and what an incredible journey it has been. Since launching Straightline Shuttle on March 4th, Jade has expertly managed the company's social media presence with style, skill, enthusiasm and high level creativity.... Thanks to Jade's dedication to our social media component, the company has experienced impressive growth. I couldn't be happier with her contributions to Straightline Shuttle's succes!" - Barry Thibeau, Straightline Shuttle

I need you to STOP being afraid of A.I. right now! 

Free ChatGPT Training

A.I. isn't going to steal your job- but it IS going to make it easier, and maybe change the trajectory you're on, making success just that much more automated! 
ChatGPT is an invaluable tool that will revolutionize your content creation, help you create products your customers and clients need, AND set you on a path toward achieving your wildest dreams! 

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Everything I do- outlined in an easy to follow eCourse, so that YOU can do it all by yourself!

90 Day Takeover eCourse

With 12 years of professional photography experience, I'm going to help you get SO MUCH MORE than just a website; you'll get a cohesive and stunning online presence. My expertise ensures that every image perfectly complements your brand, enhancing its appeal and authenticity. Together, we can craft a visually striking and engaging digital space that truly reflects your business's essence. Experience the seamless integration of luxury web design and professional photography, tailored to elevate your brand.

luxury web design. . . photography included!

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How it works:

90 Day Takeover clients get access to my convenient, structured and easy to use Client Portal!

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Follow the step-by-step instructions to help me collect the information I need.

Follow along as we work our way through the takeover

You can communicate with me, make suggestions, and complete tasks directly from the portal!

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We'll launch your new website & digital products, and enjoy watching our hard work pay off!