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September 27, 2022

Confession: I’m the sensual, tantra massage loving type.

I don’t know about you, but I want to start off with slow, deep eroticism. I want sensual massage.

I want every inch of my body to come alive with the tingle of living in the moment as my lover focuses on spoiling me with a slow body rub.

I often wonder how other women experience intimacy. I often wonder if there’s a bigger crisis in female sexuality than we recognize. I often wonder if men realize what happens when a woman is sexually excited…. properly.

I personally need to feel very safe before I can share my sexual self with anyone.

BUT, when that side of me comes alive, it’s a beautiful and powerful sight to behold. 

My younger years were spent in the arms of lovers who don’t know how to go deep emotionally. 

What I thought was “good” sex was actually… meh. 

Then, I discovered tantra.

I learned how to breathe and drop into my body. I learned how to slow down and allow my senses to come alive. 

Here’s an amazing meditation that can help you learn how to drop into your body as well..

Tantra means “woven together”, and tantric sex is all about weaving the physical and spiritual side of sex together. Tantra emphasizes deep intimacy during the physical experience. 

Breathing in unison, in a slow, sweaty, beautiful embrace. Being fully present and in the moment with your lover. Being fully in tune with your body and knowing that whatever happens in that moment with your lover is absolutely okay… you are safe. 

I can’t tell you what kind of curse it has been to be a deeply passionate woman in a terribly shallow world. In a world where so few people understand what it means to orgasm so intensely and beautifully that it causes you to cry…

There is simply no better experience than being physically/spiritually locked together as the energy of two souls nourish each other. It will leave you breathless.

But, I recognize that many people are afraid of the depth of the emotional experience. Most people apologize or get confused if a woman is moved to tears from the experience. 

SO. MANY. cannot even embrace a sexual encounter without first numbing themselves with alcohol. 

So many don’t realize how starved they are for emotional intimacy

Within a few moments of touching a man I can tell if he’s capable of the deep, sensual experience I look for in bed. 

I can feel the tension in a mans body. I can feel his inability to let his inhibitions go. It makes my heart hurt to know how difficult it is for so many men to ease into a deeply emotional experience. 

This type of intimacy is simply far too rare. 

It leaves me wondering:

Am I the odd one? Or is humanity so heavily weighed down with trauma that so many of us have lost the art of connecting on a spiritual level during intimacy?

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